Diab Rice

Diab Rice

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Diabrice is a 100% organically treated normal rice with Glycemic Index reduced to 42-48 Ideal for Diabetes and Obesity patients.

Diabrice is  a new variety of herbal treated rice through combination of great Herbal traditional knowledge with  the newly  developed  processing technology. The treated rice is free of sugar and having higher percentage of resistant starch content compared to the ordinary raw rice and  absolutely keeps all the other nutrients . The bioactive component in the herbs keeps the grains sugar free and makes the starch resistant to the digestive enzymes, there by keeping a good glycemic value (GI). The bioactive component can also produce favorable alterations in the insulin sensitivity too in certain diabetic patients.

Estimated Glycemic index in-vitro test: 54.4, Level: low

Arsenic, mg/kg: ***BDL of 0.02 

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