Know about Glycemic Index

Know about Glycemic Index

The glycemic index is a measure that classifies carbohydrate containing foods depending on their ability to raise blood glucose level. It is the property of a food stuff to release glucose in blood within a specified time limit. Usually a diabetic patient measures the glucose level of blood before food (FBS) and 2 hours after taking food (PPBS). Consumption of high GI food will definitely increase the sugar level in our blood. So its banned for diabetic and obesity patients. Following a diet designed to keep blood sugar from rising after meals helped diabetic people to keep their disease under control, in a new study published in the latest Journal of the American Medical Association.

GI of different food

Low GI

Medium GI

High GI

Milk 27-40

Carrot 47-92

Honey 55-87

Banana (not ripe) 30-52

Pineapple 51-66

Dried grapes 71-85

Apple 38-44

Mango 51-60

Watermelon 70-80

Orange 42-51

Oats 58-66

Rice 70-85

Green Pease 48-54

Papaya 59-60

Bread 73-87

Diabrice 42-48

Wheat 60-75

Potato 80-111



Corn flakes 81-92



Dates 100-115