About Us

With more than 15 years of experience we can proudly say that we are one of the best in business, a trusted supplier for more than 1000 companies.

Certifications and testimonials

CTCRI (Central Tuber Crops Research Institute), Trivandrum, Kerala  and Sterling Test house has endorsed the Glycemic Index and organic purity of Diabrice and Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai has endorsed the Glycemic value of Diabwheat( Certificate copies enclosed with this mail). The full fledged laboratory at our factory ensures every consignment of Diabrice is maintaining the specified GI level which is well below 55.

Not only low GI, 100% organic too

The arsenic content of Diabrice is tested and certified by Sterling Test House, Cochin, Kerala as nil or of not detectable level, below 0.05 mg/kg. This is at par or better than the level of many self proclaimed 100% organic food now sold in the market. Diabrice is free from any chemical residue. No artificial chemicals are used in the treatment process, only used natural organic herbs instead.

In vivo report from MDRF

Madras Diabetic Research Foundation, an  internationally acclaimed non-profit Diabetes Research Organization based in Chennai, Tamilnadu has done an in vivo research on the impact of Diabrice in their patients and has given a clinical report certifying that Diabrice is safe for human consumption, effective on diabetic patients and has no side effects reported. We value this as the most important recommendation even though Diabrice possesses all in vitro reports and certifications.

ISO certificate for food safety and Management

Our factory at the Food Processing Zone, KINFRA Park, Elamannur, Pathanamthitta district has obtained two certificates from ISO for Food Safety (ISO 22000:2005) and for Management (9001:2008) separately.